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Why Should You Wear Cycling Glasses While Cycling?

Why Should You Wear Cycling Glasses While Cycling?


a. Cool and Stylish:

Cycling glasses add a cool and stylish look to your riding gear.


b. UV Protection:

Long-term exposure to UV rays without eye protection increases the risk of cataracts for frequent cyclists. Given the typical riding posture where the forehead leans forward, the curvature of cycling glasses fits the face perfectly to block UV rays. ROCKBROS cycling glasses offer UV400 protection.

c. Wind and Insect Protection:

The curved lens design of cycling glasses can block wind and sand, minimizing eye irritation. This design helps prevent dry and fatigued eyes during long rides and also stops small insects and other foreign objects from entering the eyes.

d. Clear and Wide Vision:

Cycling glasses ensure clear vision while riding, reducing glare during the day and enhancing contrast at night. The wide lenses also provide a broader field of view.

e. Enhanced Safety:

The materials used in the lenses and frames of cycling glasses offer much better protection in case of falls compared to regular glasses.

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