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What is a road bike strap?

What is a road bike strap?

Many cyclists tend to overlook an important aspect when selecting gear: the handlebar tape. What is the use of handlebar tape and how should you choose it?


Handlebar tape is the anti-slip tape wrapped around the outside of road bike handlebars. Its purpose is to increase the friction between your hands and the handlebars, provide shock absorption, protect your palms, and showcase personal style.





For long-distance rides, it is essential to wrap your handlebars with tape because your hands will endure significant pressure. Handlebar tapes are designed with shock absorption features to reduce the fatigue in your upper body during rides. So, how should you choose the right tape?



If you usually ride on flat and open roads, you can opt for relatively lightweight and thin handlebar tape. If your regular riding conditions are rough, thicker tapes with a grippier PU surface and EVA base are advisable. For those living in rainy cities, silicone handlebar tape, which is less absorbent, easier to clean, and maintains good friction when wet, would be a better choice.



What kind of handlebar tape do you use?


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